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  • What makes migmail different from regular e-mail services?
  • A typical e-mail address is used to hold correspondence with business partners or friends. is an anonymous service which you can use when you don’t want to share your personal e-mail address.

    Regular e-mail providers require you to fill in some registration forms before starting. Migmail doesn’t. It’s quick: no forms, no registration, just type in the name and it’s done!

    Regular e-mail providers require you to fill in a login and a password that you have to remember – with migmail, typing in your e-mail address is enough.

    A regular e-mail is attached to the owner of a given account – with migmail, anyone who knows the name can use the account.
  • What can I use for?
  • You can supply your address when using any online service (such as message boards, browser games, etc.) to protect your personal e-mail.

    You can use a migmail account when, for some reason, you cannot use or access your regular address. offers you a public e-mail address without registration. A migmail account becomes active the moment the User sets it up – there is no need to fill in registration forms or checkboxes.

    All addresses function within our domain, – e.g.
  • Which migmail address should I use when registering with other services?
  • If you want to register with other services using our migmail address, please fill in any name that comes to your mind. Remember, however, that the name has to end with – e.g.
  • How do I register?
  • You don’t have to! A migmail account becomes active the moment you set it up, so all you need to do is type your user name, and enter the account.
  • How do I enter my account?
  • To enter your account, please provide any name in the “Provide any e-mail address” space, accept the usage policy, and then click on „Check e-mail”.
  • What is my password for migmail?
  • There is no password! Just fill in the name you came up with – and it’s done.
  • Who can enter my migmail account?
  • Migmail accounts do not use passwords and are not tied to specific users, so you should remember that anyone who knows the name of your account can check its content.

    All accounts are open – in order to access a given account, you only need to know its name.

    If you do not want other people to enter your e-mail account, choose a more complex name – for example, instead of, you can choose (or use one of the aliases).
  • What is an „alias” and what can I use it for?
  • An alias is a unique, alternative e-mail address, tied permanently to your account. Every account has one alias. All messages sent to the alias will be delivered to the main account.

    An alias is used to protect your real migmail address so that other people cannot access your account easily. For example, an account under the name may have the following alias:

    You give your alias name if you do not want other people to check your existing migmail account.

    Logging into an alias is impossible since it does not exist as a standalone account – it serves only as an alternative name for your main account.
  • Can my messages be automatically deleted?
  • Yes, every message is automatically deleted after 24 hours following the moment it was delivered to your account.
  • Can my account expire or get deleted?
  • No, accounts are always active – only the messages are deleted (after 24 hours).
  • How can I delete my account?
  • You can’t – it will stay active even after you stop using it.
  • Can I delete messages from my account?
  • Yes - it is possible to delete messages before the expiration time. To delete a selected message, open it, and then click the “Delete” button.
  • I didn’t get my message – was it treated as „spam”?
  • There is no way this could happen. migmail accounts do not reject any messages that have been sent to them, so if a given message did not reach you, it means that the problem lies with the user.
  • Are there any limitations concerning migmail accounts?
  • Yes – the maximum message size sent to a migmail account cannot exceed 1MB.

    Migmail accounts do not receive attachments – they are removed from messages. If a message with an attachment is sent to your account, you will receive its content (only the text), but no attachment – this may actually save your computer from viruses or spyware, in case the message has been sent by an unknown sender.

    Also, migmail will remove any pictures embedded in the message sent – you will only see the text and active hyperlinks.
  • „Account suspended” – what now?
  • In some cases, we are forced to suspend accounts. This may happen when a suspicion occurs that our service is used to break the law.