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I. Definitions:

Act – means The Act on Providing E-Services 18.07.2002 (Dz. U. 9.09.2002 r.).

Administrator – entity responsible for Service rendering.

Rules – means these terms and rules.

Service – means possibility of receiving e-mail message directed to the Electronic Address chosen by User in SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) standard defined in RFC 821 and RFC 5321

Website – an internet platform available at with limited access parts, which allows User managing Service. Electronic Address - means User's individual and unique name in domain conferred by Administrator enabling the possibility to receive e-mail messages.

Agreement – means an agreement concluded between User and Administrator on the terms and conditions specified hereto, which governs the terms, rights and obligations arising from using Service on Website.

User, You – means You: a. a natural person with contractual capacity (at Legal Age) or b. a natural person with limited contractual capacity (not lower than 13) either as an emancipated minor, or one that has obtained the legal consent of a parent or legal guardian to enter into Agreement who duly accepted these Rules.

Legal Age – a grown-up person of the age of +18 or other age that is considered legal maturity age in the country of your origin and/or residence, but not lower than 18.

II. Preliminary Provisions

  1. By the Electronic Address insertion into the registration formular on Website and Rules acceptance, you:
    1. become User,
    2. conclude Agreement.
  2. The end of activities defined in point 1 constitutes the moment of Agreement conclusion
  3. Administrator does not require your personal data disclosure and does not verify Your identity as well.
  4. Agreement for Service rendering is:
    1. Expendable - and shall be construed as concluded for the time starting from entry to Electronic Adress and end by the moment of stopping Website use,
    2. Nonexclusive - which means that at the same time more than one User may have access to the same Electronic Address
  5. Administrator is the Service provider.
  6. In order to set up Electronic Address you need to enter the Electronic Address to other electronic service (website) in the Internet, which will generate message in SMTP standard directed to Electronic Address in Website
  7. Your usage of Service may take place only on the terms specified in Rules on the User’s risk, Administrator is not liable for any breach of regulation committed by User using the Service.
  8. Administrator states and User acknowledges:
    1. Electronic Address is not secured by any kind of password, a Service usage does not require authorisation,
    2. Messages sent to Electronic Address shall be available on Website for 24 hours starting from message admittance by Website servers,
    3. Access to messages sent to Electronic Address is granted to anyone, who inserts Electronic Address to Website formular
  9. The Service shall be construed as any, temporary Electronic Address making publicly available by Administrator to Users for specified period of time for the purpose of retaining anonimity in the Internet
  10. The Service shall not be construed as e-mail box service rendering, for electronic Address awarded by Administrator is temporary which means that:
    1. Unlimited number of Users may have Access to Electronic Address at the same time,
    2. Electronic Address is temporary in short period of time including also at the same time it may be used by unlimited number of incoherent Users,
    3. No personal data is gathered by Administrator, who does not verify Users authority or identity.
  11. The Service is directed to users using other internet websites which require e-mail address insertion and such websites do not have any privacy policies or do not follow privacy policies or e-mail address insertion may cause serious harm to Users rights to privacy .
  12. The Rules are made available in pdf format file within registration formular, the Rules version in force in publicly available at the Website

III. Right of withdrawal

  1. Pursuant to art. 10 point 3 item 5 the act on „o ochronie niektórych praw konsumentów oraz o odpowiedzialności za szkodę wyrządzoną przez produkt niebezpieczny” the Consumers right to withdraw an agreement does not inhere Users construed as Consumers under the polish Civil Code.

IV. Technical and legal restrictions

  1. Administrator reserves the right to:
    1. delete the whole or any portion of content of Electronic Address after 24 hours starting from message admittance by Website servers,
    2. send the promotional materials to Electronic Addresses in use,
    3. discontinue Service rendering in case of:
      1. Uploading to Electronic Address content which is or might be considered erotic, vulgar, inappropriate or law violating, infringing third party rights, or bearing hallmarks of product placement or hidden advertising, or of religious reference of any kind,
      2. an attempt to use Electronic Address in the manner prohibited by the Rules or in order to cause damage or harm to other users or Administrator.
  2. You use Electronic Address and Service solely at Your own cost and risk, You are solely responsible for all information directed to Electronic Address, Administrator does not verify your identity.

V. Administrator’s rights and obligations

  1. Administrator reserves the right to:
    1. render the Website temporary unavailable as a result of maintenance or development,
    2. terminate access to the Website regardless of reason,
    3. use the Website in promotional and advertising manner, including, but not limited to:
      1. sending a commercial information to email Address and
      2. advertisements insertion, and
      3. product placement.
  2. Administrator shall not bear liability for or in connection with:
    1. The manner in which the Service is used by its Users - Administrator acts in good faith pursuant to Polish Law requirements,
    2. Content being sent through or to Electronic Addresses events or incidents which may take place in reality between Users resulting from any reasons,
    3. User data authenticity put or published within Website or User Web,
    4. damage caused by third party activities beyond Administrators control,
    5. disclosing passwords, logins or other user-related data to authorized bodies (e.g. police, courts),
    6. damage resulting from unauthorized access to User Account caused by third Parties or User negligence or breach of law or these Rules,
    7. damage caused by errors or data loss,
    8. technical maintenances planned by Administrator,
    9. Administrators infrastructure breakdown,
    10. damage resulting from Internet risks such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, theft of data,
    11. any damage or ill operation of Website or Service as a result of force majeure.
  3. Administrator does not guarantee Service utility to any purposes.

VI. User’s Rights and obligations

  1. User may use the Electronic Address in any way, subject to Service description e.g. in short period of time including also at the same time it may be used by unlimited number of incoherent Users.

VII. Complaints

  1. In the event of Administrator’s fault resulting in improper Agreement performance, You are empowered to send to us a letter of complaint (in Polish or English language only), which should contain:
    1. User data, e.g. a phone number or e-mail address,
    2. Type of Service the complaint refers to,
    3. Allegations or observations,
    4. State of affairs,
    5. A proposal of restoration to state consistent with these Rules.
  2. Complaints which:
    1. are written in other language than Polish, or English, or
    2. result from Users (Complainants) ignorance or breach of these Rules shall not be investigated.
  3. Administrator shall respond (via email, fax or in writing) within 21 days after receiving the complaint. Our response shall include information whether we agree with Your complaint or not and justification.

VIII. Confidentiality

  1. Administrator does not gather any personal data for the purpose of Service rendering.
  2. The Service is rendered with duty of confidentiality, subject to the idea of Service the temporarity of Electronic Addresses and lack of identification nor authorisation.

IX. General provisions

  1. Administrator reserves the right to commission or transfer a part or entirety of its rights or duties arising from these Rules. In such case such commission or transfer shall be conducted pursuant to Polish law requirements.
  2. Administrator reserves the right to amend these Rules pursuant to Polish law requirements at any time. Each User shall be informed about any amendment to the Rules without delay on first logging subsequent to the amendment.
  3. The provisions of the Act and Act on the Protection of Personal Details as well as of the Polish Civil Code shall apply to the matters not governed by these Rules.
  4. Any notices, comments or requests written in Polish, or English language (official language of the Website) should be directed at: Os. Teatralne 9A, 31-946 Krakow, postcript "migmail".
  5. These Rules become binding at the moment they are published.

Grupa INTERIA.PL Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. company with the head office at Os. Teatralne 9A, 31-946 Krakow REGON: 142734048, NIP: 5272644300, entered in the register of entrepreneurs managed in the National Court Register by the District Court in Krakow, Department XI for Commercial Issues of the National Court Register, under number KRS 0000416593, a corporation established under laws of Poland is an Administrator according to Rules.